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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Plymouth, MN

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Plymouth, MN

Wisdom teeth removal is an oral surgical procedure that is performed to extract a patient's wisdom tooth. Most people experience extreme pain during the eruption of a wisdom tooth due to various reasons. The dentists of Artisan Dental suggest wisdom tooth removal to alleviate the severe pain caused by the tooth.

What are Types of Extraction?

There are two major types of extractions that the dentist performs.

Surgical Extraction refers to removing the wisdom tooth that has not emerged from the socket. The dentist makes an incision in the gums to extract the tooth.

Simple Tooth Extraction refers to removing the wisdom tooth that has erupted. The dentist shakes the tooth out of the socket and removes it using dental tools. 

What is the Procedure for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The dentist begins the treatment procedure through a dental checkup. A small concave mirror is used to check the wisdom tooth. Anesthesia is administered in the extraction site. It helps to avoid any pain or discomfort caused by the procedure. A small incision is made in the gums, and the gum tissues are removed to access the wisdom tooth. Dental tools are used to loosen and extract the teeth from the socket. The dentist stitches the gums and places a gauze pad to stop the bleeding. The extraction site is left to heal after the procedure. 


The first 24 hours after the wisdom tooth extraction is crucial. The patient should follow the instructions of the dentist for proper healing. Strenuous physical activity should be avoided as it would strain the patient and can cause bleeding. Consuming hot beverages may hamper the healing process. The patient should not brush the extraction site as it cause discomfort.

Damaging habits like smoking and consuming alcohol should be avoided as it can reverse the treatment and cause other oral diseases. 

Wisdom tooth extraction is vital for patients who experience extreme pain from the impacted tooth. To avoid the risk of infections, the dentist advises the patients to undergo the surgical process.

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