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Implants in Plymouth, MN

Implants in Plymouth, MN

An implant is a titanium post placed in a patient's jawbone to replace the tooth's root. It helps restore the tooth's functionality and offers long-lasting benefits to the patients.  

At Artisan Dental, the dentist suggests implants for patients who have suffered tooth loss.

Facts about Dental Implants 

  • Implants enhance the appearance of the patient by restoring the missing tooth.
  • Speech impairments caused by loss of a tooth can be resolved through implant procedures.
  • It promises the self-esteem of the patient regarding their appearance. 
  • Bite conditions like overbite, underbite, and crossbite can be treated using implants.
  • The treatment helps maintain overall dental health. 

What is the Procedure of Dental Implants? 

There are various steps in a dental implant procedure. 


The first step of a dental implant procedure is an initial consultation. The dentist conducts a complete dental checkup of the patient, which helps understand the patient's oral condition. A treatment plan is prepared and communicated to the patient.


Some patients may require the extraction of a damaged tooth. The dentist removes the teeth and allows the extraction site to heal properly before the following procedure. 

Implant Placement

The dentist makes a small incision in the gums and places the implant into the jawbone. After the procedure, the gums are stitched and left for healing. The osseointegration process occurs as the jawbone grows and unites with the implant.

Placing the abutment

An abutment is placed over the implant in the subsequent appointment. It helps to hold the artificial tooth in place. A healing period of two weeks is mandatory after the rpocedure. 

Affixing Artificial Teeth

The patient can choose a removable or fixed artificial prosthesis. The dentist places the personalized prostheses to the abutment to provide a functional tooth to the patient. 

Aftercare for Implants

The healing period after each step of the Implant surgery is crucial for the success of the rpocedure. The patient should follow the instructions provided by the dentist after the treatment. Damaging habits like smoking should be avoided as it can cause harm to the patient. Visit the dentist regularly to keep a check on the implant. 

Artisan Dental, located in Plymouth, MN, has expert dentists and modern technologies that enable patients' best dental care services. Dial (763) 519-8880 and book an appointment with Dentist Plymouth MN to know more about Implants and other dental care facilities.


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