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Same-Day Emergency Dentistry in Plymouth, MN

Same-Day Emergency Dentistry in Plymouth, MN

Same-Day Emergency Dentistry is a department of dentistry that attends to the emergency dental requirements of the patients. They provide immediate attention to dental problems, which help to avoid further complications. At Artisan Dental, expert dentists use modern technologies to attend to emergency patients. 

There are several unforeseen dental conditions that can be caused by accidents, a few of which have been listed below.

Knocked Teeth

Some accidents can lead to the loss of teeth. The patient should make sure that they preserve the tooth by placing it in a glass of milk. On visiting the emergency dentist, they help place the tooth in its socket. In some cases, the dentist may not be able to restore the tooth. Dentists offer other tooth replacement options to the patients. 

Soft Tissue Injury

Various dental conditions in the mouth can cause soft tissue injury inside the mouth. It can cause bleeding, which requires emergency care. The dentist advises the patient to rinse the mouth thoroughly. They apply pressure to stop the bleeding. If the patient has a cracked or broken tooth that causes the injury, they recommend dental bonding. Some patients who have bad bites due to misaligned teeth are advised orthodontic treatment. 

Broken or Cracked Teeth

Children and adults are prone to break or crack their teeth. The emergency dentists advise that patients preserve the broken part in milk and visit the emergency unit. They perform various treatments like dental bonding, which helps attach the broken piece to the tooth. The patient should take care of the tooth and avoid biting hard objects. 

Severe Tooth Pain 

People experience extreme tooth pain, the cause of which can only be determined through a detailed dental examination. An emergency dentist helps detect the signs or symptoms that lead to the pain. They provide over-the-counter medications that help to alleviate the pain. Some dentists also advise using icepacks to reduce the pain caused by toothache. They also perform quick treatments that can help with the pain. 

Artisan Dental, located in Plymouth, MN, is equipped with the best dentists and modern amenities that enable the best dental care services for the patients. Dial (763) 519-8880 and book an appointment with Dentist in Plymouth MN to know more about same-day emergency dentistry and other dental treatments.


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